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Hair Update!! 2020 ➡️ 2021 (Non-Binary Transition) 🌈

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

My hair has grown out a LOT in this past year — I’ve gone from a pixie cut to a little bob with an undercut — and it gives me such euphoria!! 🥰

The first photo on the left was taken in fall 2020, a bit before I’d decided to start growing my hair out again — though I had already started noticing that my short hair wasn’t feeling 100% me.

(Side note, I think the pandemic forced me to really look at myself and figure what was and wasn’t feeling good in my life — which I know was the case for a lot of people!)

And the photo on the right was taken just a few weeks ago during Thanksgiving, with my hair at its current length.

(Though if anything, my hair is a bit longer now — it grows super quickly!)

I officially decide to change my hair as the year 2021 was starting — and as 2021 is coming to a close, I can say with full confidence that I LOVE what I’ve done with it!

I was admittedly a bit nervous at first about going from super-short to not-so-super-short hair — would it look weird in the in-between stages? Would I hate having longer hair? Would I regret making this change?

A lot of questions like this swirled through my mind — but my gut said to go for it, and so I went for it. And I am so, SO glad I did 😁

(Plus, I knew, that if I really didn’t like it, I could always cut it short again! That’s one of the best things about playing around with your hair — nothing is permanent!)

My hair today truly feels like me, and there are so many aspects that give me euphoria. For example…

💗 I adore the feeling of my long(-ish) hair sweeping over the shortness of my undercut

💗 I adore running my fingers through my hair and tucking pieces behind my ears

💗 I adore putting my hair up in a little bun or ponytail

💗 and I adore looking at myself in the mirror and being able to truly recognize who I see

I don’t know exactly where my hair journey will take me from here (I might want to dye it different colors like I did pre-2020!)

But I *do* know that I will keep following my gut, and doing what feels right for me ❤️

💬 Have you made any big hair changes? If not, have you ever wanted to? 💬


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