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Gender 101 | A Comprehensive Guide to Gender Identities

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I first became interested in gender about a year ago, when I was trying to figure out my own gender identity.

I was very lost in understanding myself; I couldn’t find the language to articulate my experiences, and I felt scared and confused.

Luckily, this led me to do lot of personal research about gender and all of the different labels and possibilities.

Over time, I found what label works for me (genderfluid), and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned in the hopes that it helps others as well!

In this guide, I give a complete rundown on gender, including:

✔️ What exactly gender is

✔️ Binary vs. non-binary genders

✔️ Examples of gender identities & their definitions

✔️ And more!

I hope you enjoy and learn something new 🥰

*Feel free to repost any of these slides; just be sure to give me credit!*


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