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My Journey to Body Positivity

It’s taken me a really long time to feel positively about my body.

I’ve struggled with body image issues, including an eating disorder, for many years — since I was 16.

And while I’ve “recovered” in the sense that I no longer actively want to change the way my body looks, it’s still hard not to feel self-conscious sometimes, especially in a society saturated with images of what the “perfect” body should be.

In particular, I was always very self-conscious about my mid-section — my thighs, butt, and stomach.

That’s why, in the past, I wouldn’t have posted photos like these that showed my body off (even in the limited way I’m doing here).

I would have looked at the photos and thought about how much I didn’t like what I saw — and how everyone else would probably hate the way I looked too.

But I’ve come a far way from that time (with a lot of therapy and inner work).

I’ve learned how to love and value myself, and I’ve unlearned the idea that there’s only one type of body that is beautiful.

So when I see these pictures of myself now...

I see a really sexy, empowered person, with an incredible body that has served her so well.

I see a person who struggles sometimes, but who now knows how to cope without taking out her feelings on herself.

I see a person who finally feels positively about their reflection in the mirror.

And that feels so, so incredible.

💬 Have you struggled with your relationship with your body? 💬

[Underwear gifted by @wearewoxer!]


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