"I Will Not Be the Pills" and "Sonnet"

Wordgathering (September 2019)


Excerpts from "After Versed"

We Are Not Your Metaphor: a Disability Poetry Anthology (June 2019)

"What Did You Take From Zoeglossia?"

Wordgathering (June 2019)


"As I carry the ringshadow / you carry the ring"

The Penn Review (February 2019)

"This simply means..."

The New Guard (November 2018)

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize


Supplement (May 2018)

"Where It All Began"

The F-Word (April 2018)

"If the Sun Comes Up"

Glass: A Journal of Poetry (January 2018)


"hi, Modernism"

Rabbit Catastrophe Review (January 2017)


DIALOGIST (October 2016)


Word Riot (May 2016)

"Something Special About this Street"

Cleaver Magazine (September 2015)

"Eleanor, a Girl"

The Penn Review (April 2015)

"Three or Four or Six"

The Penn Review (January 2015)

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