A wife has just finished the book Rebecca for the second time and feels her life is mimicking the protagonist's emotional downfall ... so she decides to confront her husband for the first time about the problems in their marriage.


Produced Off-Broadway on Theatre Row as part of 
Writopia Lab's 2013 Worldwide Plays Festival.



Taylor is in the bathroom practicing for her audition for a beer commercial, when in walks Molly, the competition. Their back and forth passive-aggressive behavior soon takes a turn when Taylor realizes she knows Molly from somewhere -- and that "somewhere" had a tremendous impact on Taylor's life.


Written, directed, designed, and performed within the span of 24 hours as part of the Pennsylvania Players' 2015 24 Hour Theatre Festival.

Playwrights were given several constraints for their writing process:

     1. The play had to take place in a specific setting (in this case, a bathroom)
     2. The playwrights were given a first line and a last line that they had to use
     3. The playwrights were given three props that they had to include in
          the story in a way that made sense
     4. The playwrights were assigned their actors before they started writing
     5. The playwrights were given four hours (from 8 pm to midnight)
          to write their plays before the rehearsal process began

In Saving a Father


Three estranged sisters come together to figure out how to take care of their sick, aging father. But when their problems with each other -- as well as their own personal troubles -- come to light, the sisters realize that their lives need to be saved as well.


Written in 2015 for the University of Pennsylvania class
"Advanced Playwriting" taught by playwright Bryan Delaney.

Recipient of the Winter/Spring 2017 PenNaatak Playwright Fellowship.

Other Options


An exploration of relationships, sex, coercion, and consent through the lens of

a night with hookup buddies Jake and Ava.


Included in a 2016 Bryn Mawr theatre thesis production about 
modern dating culture on college campuses.

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